Written Coffee is a woman-owned, small-batch roaster out of St. Pete, Florida.

We release each bag as  a “Chapter,” exploring new stories with every launch.

It all started when...

Every idea starts with a passion, and mine is coffee. In 2011, during what I deemed the coldest winter on earth (it wasn’t) I started a website, City Brewed, from my Lower East Side dorm room. It was the first time I’d (really) seen snow, I was uninspired, and I needed a place to document all the coffee bars I was frequenting.

Fast forward a few years and countless cortados, City Brewed became a space to highlight coffee shop owners, roasters, baristas – you know, all the people who fueled my coffee dreams. As I sat in the corners of my favorite cafes, typing, conspiring, sharing stories, I knew I wanted to pass that same passion – a passion for coffee and storytelling – along to anyone and everyone.

Meet Written Coffee, a brand that celebrates the life that happens over coffee: conversation, community, stories, passions, love, ideas. It’s the feeling you get when that first cup of morning coffee wafts through the air. A smile. A sip. An idea. It all starts here.

Our coffee

Starting Written Coffee has truly been a journey – both figuratively and literally. It was important to me to know exactly where and how these beans came into existence; It’s like sharing your most prized project with your parents – you’re excited to show them only the best of the best. And so, in a ridiculously impractical outfit, I headed off on the first buying trip to Antigua, Guatemala. Like a story, there’s so much that goes into creating a great cup of coffee, from the people who grow and tend to the beans, to those who roast and package – and I wanted to be involved to document every step of the process.

When you drink Written Coffee, you’re coming along on that journey, and you’re helping us write it, too. Each bag is a chapter, a chapter that takes time, commitment, and excitement to create. We’ll release each bag with you in mind, forging direct relationships with producers who ensure the well-being of their farmers, fair wages, and sustainable practices.

Made for you, by you.

You help write our story, from choosing the next origin, to helping us decide on the flavor profiles, and everything in between. At the end of the day, we’re making coffee you want to drink. Have ideas for the next Chapter? I'm all ears. Let’s write this story, together.