You Ask, We Tell

Q. How are the beans packaged and shipped?
A. Beans are packaged in our heat-sealed coffee bags that contain a degassing valve for optimum freshness while in transit and at home. Packages will be shipped USPS Priority.

Q. I do not live in the U.S. and I really, really want to try your coffee. Can this be arranged?
A. Aw, shucks!  I'm flattered, and I'll gladly work with you to get these beans to wherever you are in this world (erm, planet). Submit your request here, and we'll work it out. 

Q. Do you accept returns?
A. We can’t accept returns on coffee due to its perishable nature. However, we really want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any issues with your coffee, or if there are errors in your order, please contact us here within one week of receiving your order. 

Q. How do you release your coffees? 
A. I'm so glad you asked! Written releases each bag in an "editorial-style" cadence. In other words, we work on each "chapter" individually to perfect our offerings before they hit (virtual) shelves. The beans are sourced, stories compiled, and roast profile dialed in – much like a magazine edition comes into existence. 

Q. I love Chapter One, will I be able to get it year round? 
A. Most of our beans are limited-run, and, like other produce, coffee is seasonal. We may not have a particular coffee when you are looking for it, but we can help you find something similar you’ll like. Get in touch – I'm here to help. 

Q. What is your roast style? 
A. Our beans could be considered a "medium" roast, but the truth is, our expert roaster (hi, Joel!) roasts each coffee just enough to bring out the best of what’s inherent in each particular bean. We make sure to source the best of the best – and you can taste that in our coffee. 

Q. Are your beans organic? 
A. Though current offerings are not Certified Organic, pesticides are rarely used by our producer partners. They may be utilized in extreme cases, but most healthy farms that operate a good nutrition program don’t use them. The organic certification process is very expensive for a small farm, so many do not undergo certification, even if they utilize organic practices.

Q. Are your coffees flavored? 
A. We use tasting notes on our packaging and on our website as a way to describe nuances in each coffee, noticing things like brightness, sweetness and body. Don't be alarmed if you can’t taste caramel or brown sugar in your cup. As our roaster likes to say, "what do you like?" Are you looking for a full-bodied, hair stand on end, coffee, or a delicate, tea-like finish? 

Q. Why do you only sell whole bean coffee? 
A. This is on purpose, promise. The minute you grind your coffee, it starts to oxidize which accelerates the aging process. Freshly ground coffee will give you the best possible coffee experience and make your coffee keep better.

Q. Why do you sell 10oz bags?
A. As a regular coffee drinker – one who likes to have many different types and brands on hand – I find myself struggling to finish 12oz bags before their "best by" date. The 10oz option was, sort of, born out of this struggle. But stay tuned – 12oz bags could be on the horizon. Tell us what you think: what size bags do you want in your kitchen? 

Q. How should I store my coffee? 
A. The best way to store coffee is to store it whole bean (not ground) in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid storing coffee in a fridge or freezer. Moving beans in and out of the freezer every time you make coffee can introduce moisture to the beans, resulting in potential mold growth and degradation of the coffee. 

Fresh is best! I recommend drinking your coffee within 2 weeks of the roast date. After 2-3 weeks, you may notice a drop in the intensity of the flavor and your coffee may not be as dynamic.


Et voila! Still have questions? Get in touch here