Why We Travel

Why do we we travel? 

“It’s dangerous there.” 
“Now’s not a good time to visit that country.”
“Why would you want to travel? Paradise is here.”

So through warnings and deterrents and furrowed brows, why do we travel? 

There’s something that happens when you arrive at an airport, passport in hand. You buzz through checks and drops and more checks. You rush to your gate, even if you have an hour before boarding. You sit and wait as a rush settles over the boarding area. Who is he? Where is she going? Will our paths cross again? 

This is why we travel.

There’s something that happens when you take off, climbing altitudes until you reach a peaceful 30,000 feet. There’s silence, just you and your mind to dream and reflect and wonder what’s next. During these uninterrupted hours, it’s just you and the sky – and the anticipation of adventure to come. 

This is why we travel. 

There’s something that happens when you land in a new country. Each step takes you farther into a whole new world. You look around, taking in the sights, sounds, smells, colors, language, and people, as you try to blend into the crowd. You see the world through new eyes. Days pass as you wander through foreign streets, waving hello to your new friend at the corner store, or your daily barista at a nearby cafe. You take it slow. You have nowhere to be but here. 

This is why we travel.

There's something that happens when we return home. The streets we frequent have changed – we see them through the eyes of a traveler. New graffiti speckles sides of buildings; it's art. Blooms fall from newly sprouted trees; it's peace. The morning sun has taken on a new glow. It's brighter, more passionate, a golden hue that you can't find anywhere else in the world. It's yours. And theirs. Every step becomes a new adventure, because during those days in a far off land, you've learned what lies beyond the confounds of your comfort zone. You've learned that there are sights, sounds, smells, colors, language, and people, all waiting to prove the wonders that lay near and far. 

This is why we travel.

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