Introducing Chapter Two


I've thought about this Chapter – Chapter Two – for a long time now. How could I possibly translate everything that this bag means into a few hundred words, or worse, onto your Instagram feed? I talk a lot about stories – the story of Written Coffee, stories told over coffee – but this one isn't about me or you, it's about them

It was earlier last year, on a warm-ish Sunday in San Francisco, and I was knee deep in coffee research, Googling, emailing, making note of all the questions circling my mind – questions that I couldn't track down even in the deepest depths of everyone's favorite search engine. 

There, at a Blue Bottle on Market Street, I chatted up the instructor leading a pour-over class (slower, slower!), who was a self proclaimed "coffee feminist." I hadn't heard that term before – coffee feminist. After all, my knowledge of coffee was surface deep: this new cafe opening, that new Burundi on bar. 

Here's the thing about coffee. When you start to peel away layers of the hypothetical bean, you discover a whole new world. Suddenly it's not just a well-balanced drip coffee, it's a well-balanced drip coffee that was produced by 87% women farmers, yet the profits benefit only the men who own the farm. 

Women around the globe are the backbone of agricultural production – especially in coffee. They're on the front lines, from picking ripe cherries to sorting beans through processing, yet because of deep gender inequalities, many of those women aren’t able to make a living wage, and many don’t find themselves in leadership roles.

This is an interesting time for women – the Times Up movement, the fight for equality in the workplace – but we rarely hear about the challenges faced by women in coffee. That’s why, with Chapter Two, I’m hoping to change the narrative – or at least shine light on it. 


So without further ado, meet Chapter Two, a delicious, single origin whole bean sourced from woman-owned Rancho São Benedito in the Dom Viçoso region of Brazil. This new offering is classic Brazilian. It's soft. It's sweet. It's mellow. In our initial cupping, we tasted notes of nut, toffee, and chocolate – the perfect cup for morning, afternoon, or evening. 

What's better? When you drink Chapter Two, you’re helping brew a better tomorrow (sorry, had to). We’ve partnered with the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) to donate 10% of every Chapter Two purchase, for the purpose of empowering women producers, strengthening communities, and helping achieve a sustainable coffee industry.

But that's not all. Chapter Two aims to celebrate women in all walks of life. Those who aren't afraid to make waves, to speak up, to change the narrative in their respective fields, from mommas to managers to marketing pros, and everyone in between. 

As always, I hope you enjoy #LifewithWritten. I hope you write your own stories – big or small. I hope you check back here and there to dive into the stories we've developed for Chapter Two – stories highlighting women making waves, personal musings, and so much more. But more than that, I hope you spark conversations over a cup of Written Coffee – big conversations. The ones that can change the trajectory of our futures. 

Ellie Eckert