Get to Know the IWCA

You know those conversations that light a fire in your soul? No, really, the ones that leave you doing a little dance – a fist pump or two paired with an internal scream? I can't quite describe the feeling. Maybe this is a good representation. Or no, this. Yes, that exactly. 

Let's rewind a few months. Fresh off the launch of Chapter One, it was time to switch gears, again, to work on Chapter Two. See, we're behind the scenes developing stories, finding the perfect bean partners, and dialing in the roast before the bags ever hit virtual shelves. 

I had spent the last few weeks exchanging emails with the IWCA – the International Women in Coffee Alliance – an organization I was hoping, wishing to partner with on Chapter Two. The IWCA aims to empower women producers, strengthen communities, and works to achieve a sustainable coffee industry, and frankly I couldn't think of a better organization to work with on Chapter Two's mission: to celebrate women in all industries who are making waves. 

So here I am, sprinting to my car to take the call from a quiet place,  doing the whole "can you hear me now?" song and dance as I prayed I didn't sound too frazzled. The good news? The IWCA was totally on board and excited to partner. The bad news? I ran out of the store so fast I forgot most of my belongings on a shelf in Royal Pets – but I digress. 

The IWCA is about more than short term monetary donations. They’re about building a sustainable future. The organization is working to give women producers the tools they need to grow, whether that’s physical equipment, access to information, training, or education. But more than that, they’re working to improve communities and advocate for change. 

I believe in opportunities for all and education for all , which is why I couldn’t be more excited – or more proud – to partner with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. 

So here's the power of your purchase: we're donating 10% of every Chapter Two sold to the IWCA, all to support women producers and their communities. Have questions about our partnership, Chapter Two, or just want to talk coffee? Let's chat

Ellie Eckert